Female response and posture to male exploring

Overview and Meaning

A female mouse communicates to a male that she is sexually receptive by her posture. During exploration by the male, a female will present herself in one of three postures: elevated crouch, lordosis, and full submissive posture, however this is very rare.


Lordosis involves the recipient presenting its hindquarters by curving the lumbar region of the back towards the floor.


The Full Submissive posture, which is very rare in mice, is when the recipient lies on its back.


Elevated crouching is when the recipient is on all fours with some or all of its legs extended and sometimes its back is slightly arched. Elevated crouching is a posture that is seen in other situations like agonistic Interactions. When distinguishing these postures, pay close attention to the actor's behavior and posture, in order to identify the context of the recipient's posture.


Sexual Behaviors