Crouch - Elevated Crouch

Overview and Meaning

Elevated crouch is a form of defensive behavior that is performed to protect the animal from threat or aggressive behaviors.


Elevated crouch is defined in a similar way as crouch, however the animal is standing on two or all four legs. The animal will remain in its place, but a tendency to retreat can be accompanied with this behavior. Elevated crouch is a posture intermediate between submissive upright and crouch.


Elevated crouching is a posture that is seen in other situations like sexual behaviors. When distinguishing these postures, pay close attention to the actor's behavior and posture, in order to identify the context of the recipient's posture.


Defensive behaviors, variant of crouch


Agonistic interactions can occur in the context of territorial behavior, and/or dominance behaviorTerritorial behavior and dominance behavior differ in both the context that they occur, the resources under competition, and the threat behavior that initiates the interaction.